Do A Little Dance – Game Boy Color – Shantae – 2002

Shantae (USA)_01


Game Boy Color

WayForward Technologies

© 2002

Genre: Action RPG Platformer


When I look back on games that I’ve played throughout the years, one thing that is sorely lacking, oftentimes, is a female protagonist (something which actually made my younger sister considerably less interested in videogames, I discovered recently).  Hearing this, I decided to set out to find a good game with a female protagonist, preferably one I hadn’t played through, to review.  This cut out two retro games that had immediately come to mind, the original Phantasy Star, and the Metroid series.  I’d played through Tomb Raider, which was my next thought.  At the suggestion of The3rdPlayer, I decided to check out Shantae – an Arabian Nights themed platformer, involving a Bedlah babe half-genie who goes around whipping badguys with her hair. Continue reading