Save Point – Going into May

Fatal Frame
First and foremost, times are strange right now so I hope all of you and those important to you are safe and maintaining your mental health, however you are working through this time. On a personal note, I can say it’s taken a toll in a couple of ways on my normal routine- but that’s what this update is for! Continue reading

General Updates – Bright New Horizons

Hey folks!

I’ve tried really hard to stick to my guns on not excusing myself every time I have a long break between posts but I felt like this warranted at least some kind of signal that I am actually still active and avidly writing up pieces to post up here.

First, the serious ‘real life’ business: without going into too much detail, some pretty life-altering events have occurred over the past month or two that have caused a need for relocation and a general upheaval of my way of living.  Sadly, this isn’t as cool as being a super spy or anything like that.  I do want to reassure anyone that despite my vagueries, I’m doing all right and managing things like my mental health well.  As a part of managing that, though, I feel like transparency is important on a subject that involves a sudden drop in frequency that may take some time to recover from.

That said, I’ve been working on some pieces for the blog concerning reviews, collecting, and editorials!  “Like what?” you might ask.

Well, I’ll be happy to tell you!  For one, I have a few mobile games that I’d like to get some quick and dirty reviews out on.  I’ve also been working through my Steam backlog a bit and on the back of writing about Lucius as my last entry, I’ve started playing through Lucius II: The Prophecy so I’m sure I’ll be working on something regarding that soon!

So far as collecting, my relocation has made things a bit difficult regarding my original plan to accumulate the Atelier and Fire Emblem series, but I have some other items to show and chat about.  That particular vein of chatter, however, may dry up just a bit until I’m back up and running on all cylinders again.

Editorially, I asked a question on Twitter recently about the nature of spoilers and folks’ opinions on them.  Some interesting answers popped up and along with expressing my own opinion, I’m looking forward to finishing up a piece involving those discussions.

Last but not least, I’ve signed on to write a piece for a collaboration being set up by Matthew over at Normal Happenings about “The Games That Define Us”!  While I’ve just started conceptualizing and jotting down notes, the cast of contributors is phenomenal and have been super energetic and friendly to engage with so far.  If you want to check out more about the project, the original call for entries is here.  I am definitely looking forward to the project and see how it all turns out!

I understand that that is never a need to explain your hiatus or a long stretch of time between posts- real life happens and sometimes it happens in a hard and sudden fashion.  I appreciate everyone who stops in and checks out what I have to say here so at the very least, I wanted to let people know that I’m doing all right and that while I may not be at my previous frequency for a bit, I’m still standing.

Thanks for understanding and keep being great!

– Matt (a.k.a. The3rdPlayer)