The Poor Man’s Fighter – Sega Genesis – Eternal Champions – 1993

Eternal Champions (U) [!]_004

This wacky cast of lovable characters look like something out of a Saturday Morning Cartoon series.

Eternal Champions
Sega Genesis
Sega Interactive
© 1993
Genre: Fighting

Digging through my catalogue of games to write, I realized we have been heavily neglecting the noble genre of fighting games. I thought first, of course, about some of the long running series that are still alive and kicking to this day – in particular Street Fighter, Art of Fighting and Mortal Kombat.  While they have their place, they would need to have significantly more written about them than I have time for at the moment, much to my chagrin.  I considered writing about some of the later series of fighting games, 2D or 3D: Guilty GearBloody RoarSoul Calibur, Samurai Showdown and others I had torn through with friends over the years. Again, they all felt like a bit too much to write about in just one go.  I decided to dig deep into the B-team of fighting games that were released, to find a title that most other people I have known are unfamiliar with.  A heavy time travelers romp known as Eternal Champions.

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