It Keeps Raining All the Time – Sega Genesis – Stormlord – 1990

Stormlord (U) [!]_000


Sega Genesis

Hewson Consultants

© 1989/1990

Genre: Dark Fantasy Platformer


I remember spotting this game at the store, and my parents were hesitant to let me get it in the early 90’s.  I didn’t understand why at the time – it looked pretty awesome, with art reminiscent of the Frank Franzetta artwork I’d see on the cheap fantasy paperbacks in the bookstore, or better yet, like Golden Axe.  So a few years later, when I had my own paper route, I managed to snag a copy myself from the local game store, and my parents were none the wiser.  Now, of course, I realize why – there had been a small bit of controversy about nudity appearing in the game.  What is laughable now (some sweet pixelated bare lady chest on fairies) was, back then, a hot topic, and for the Genesis release, Sega actually ensured things would be censored. Continue reading