Adorably Monochrome – Gameboy – Penguin Wars – 1990

Game Boy
Ascii Entertainment
Genre: Action Game

The release of the Gameboy was a huge step forward in handheld gaming.  Looking back on the games that came out, quite a few of them have much higher praise due to our memories and nostalgia rather than their actual content or presentation.  Penguin Wars was one of those titles for me.  I remember playing this game and taking turns with my neighbors when I was younger, and we had a blast doing that for hours.

Having found the game recently, I really wanted to relive those times.  By now, I’ve learned about the dangers of exercising memories in the current day, but my recollection of this game was that it was a simple and fun game that my seven or eight year old mind probably found social satisfaction with.  I still wanted to see if Penguin Wars was something worth checking back on or if it was something better kept to the past.

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