Small Game, Small Step Back – Nintendo Gameboy – Super Mario Land – 1989

Game Boy
(c) 1989
Genre: Action Platformer

When you were younger and video games had just found their way into the mainstream, there were a few problems. Now, we’re not talking prices. We’re not talking about trying to find the entrance to the dungeon under the lake or other nonsense. We’re talking about the upset when you had to go to school or church or wherever your parents/significant other wanted you to go and you had to leave your game system behind. Then, the Game Boy came into our lives and added a whole new level of geekdom to our lives. A mobile and portable geekdom. Of the launch titles for this little piece of heaven, Super Mario Land is the first that many remember, despite its slight deviations from the classic Mario conventions. Where does this fall on the scale of Mario games, let along in the line of general retrospect? Let’s discuss, shall we?

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Living the Dream – NES – Kirby’s Adventure – 1993

Kirby's Adventure (U) (PRG1) [!]_001

Kirby’s Adventure
Nintendo Entertainment System
HAL Laboratory
© 1993
Genre: Platformer

Since I have become friends with @3pstart, I began to do something I never really did before: pay closer attention to who is actually making a game.  Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, though admit it I must: for someone who enjoys gaming as much as I do, I didn’t really pay the companies who make them much attention.  There are exceptions of course (all those years of arcade fighting games from Capcom in particular), but I hadn’t even really given it any thought.  Imagine my surprise as I was looking up information for Adventures of Lolo and found that they were the same company that had created the Kirby franchise!  This week, at the request of one of our readers (thanks ParticleBit!), I present you with Kirby’s Adventure. Continue reading

When Sequels Strike – Nintendo – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – 1988


Zelda II: The Adventures of Link
Genre: Role-playing Platformer

I couldn’t tell you what Nintendo was thinking back in the day when it came to sequels.  I could wager a bet that they were about innovation, as it seems that way with everything they do, but the second game of almost every one of their earlier series winds up being immensely different from the first before the third game returns to the original formula.  Super Mario Brothers and Castlevania spring to mind as prime examples.  Among their ilk is Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.  Much like the other series mentioned, The Legend of Zelda was a tour de force, even when it first arrived on the scene, and The Adventures of Link is widely considered a black sheep and (pardon the pun) a weak link, especially considering that the third game in the series was so well regarded.  Does the game deserve all of the nay saying it gets?

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Suicide is Painless – NES – Adventures of Lolo – 1989

Adventures of Lolo (U) [!]_004

Adventures of Lolo
(c) 1989
HAL Laboratory
Genre: Puzzle

I have had relatively little exposure to the NES, and since it doesn’t hold much nostalgia for me, I tend to avoid exploring the system.  While having a few drinks at a friends house and playing around on his Wii-U, we were downloading the games he had previously purchased.  I spotted Adventures of Lolo, and it’s sequel, and asked him about it – I hadn’t seen them before.  He happily informed me that Adventurers of Lolo was one of the first games he had owned, and asked if I would like to play it.  I made the mistake of saying “Sure, of course!” Continue reading

R.S.V.P. At Your Own Risk – Nintendo Entertainment System – Uninvited – 1991

Uninvited (U)_001Uninvited
(c) 1991
Genre: Point-and-Click Horror

Survival horror games shot into the limelight around the age of the Playstation in the US.  Games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill brought the idea of being scared to death into the mainstream, so far as console video games were concerned.  When you think of the Nintendo Entertainment System, you certainly don’t think of frightful or gory games right off the bat (and if you do, you certainly had a different childhood than I did).  Uninvited was a game that I remember seeing some kind of advertisement for when I was younger but can’t for the life of me remember anything about except for the title.  I remember also being afraid of the Friday the 13th game that I had, so I didn’t invest time into finding the game until my later years.  When I finally did pick up Uninvited, I found some of the charm that I had expected mixed in with some Gothic horror dripping off of it.  How is the game now that I’m old enough to hold my own against its terror?

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