It’s Morphin Time! – Super Nintendo – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 1994

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers008

Super Nintendo
Genre: Action Platformer

More confessions of a young nerd blossoming: I loved shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Plenty of other shows popped up, including VR Troopers and Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad, but none of them felt like they captured the magic that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had. When I was a kid, the idea of being a teenager chosen to become part of a world saving group that got to kick the crap out of bad guys and ride around in giant mechs.

Ah memories.

So how did the television show, which was so rife with action and spectacle for the video game world, translate?

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Empties Out Quick But Packs a Punch – Super Nintendo – Wild Guns – 1995

© 1995
Genre: Action Shooter

Natsume is a company that doesn’t get a ton of press outside of the occasional wonder game and Harvest Moon. When I found Wild Guns, a rare shooter type of game from the company, I was intrigued. I decided to pop it in and give it a shot, and even now, I keep going back to the game. I suppose I’m getting to the end of my review before I get started though, huh?

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The Sum of Its Parts – Abadox – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1990

Abadox (U)_002ABADOX
Nintendo Entertainment System 
(c) 1990
Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot ‘Em Up games have a long history: Life Force, Gradius, 1942, and the list goes on. Among the flurry of Shoot ‘Em Ups produced for the NES, Abadox reared its head and joined the barrage. When I noticed that both Milton Bradley and Disney had a hand in this game, however, my head took a sharp tilt. This game is definitely a great shooter, but there’s a question that comes to mind about Abadox: is a game only as good as the sum of its parts?  Continue reading