The Best Legends are Complicated – Sony Playstation – Legend of Mana – 2000


Legend of Mana
Sony Playstation
Genre: Action Role-Playing

As we’ve seen in the past, when a series tries to do something drastically different, it winds up creating two schools of fans in its audience. There are the people who wish that the series had stayed on the same track because if a formula is working for something, why try to mess with it? Then, there’s the group that believes the company behind the game was attempting something innovative and, for better or worse, they are happy that there was attempt to make something greater than the source material.

Legend of Mana tends to fall into this category of sequel. While most seasoned gamers could tell you about Secret of Mana (and possibly Secret of Mana 2 a.k.a. Seiken Densetsu 3), when it comes to Legend of Mana, many people have either heard of it in passing, remember trying to play through the game and giving up out of frustration or will gush about the game any time the chance arises. Being that I have now watched the game played through multiple times by people in my apartment, I decided to pick it up and play through it myself. I have to say that I definitely fall into one of the above schools of thought. Can you guess which one?

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