A Gem in a Swamp – The Peace Keepers – Super Nintendo – 1994

Peace Keepers, The001

Super Nintendo
(c) 1994
Genre: Beat-Em Up

While I loved playing all kinds of beat-em ups when I was younger, I was never any good at them, so this upcoming review might be a little biased. I remember days where I would play through the entire game, only to run out of continues at the second to last (or even last) boss just because he/she/it was incomprehensibly cheap. Such is life in the multitude of beat-em up games. I remembered one, however, that really stuck out to me for some reason, and so I tracked it down. That game is The Peace Keepers. Continue reading

Don’t Pass On This One, Tuna Head – Maniac Mansion – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1987

Maniac Mansion (U)_001

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1987
Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Some games stand the test of time much better than others. Great gameplay, interesting characters and plot, and a unique experience all around contribute to a game’s staying power. Sentient meteors, tentacles, and a plot to turn all of the world into zombies doesn’t seem to hurt, either. If you mention the name ‘Maniac Mansion’ to a Nintendo player of old, there is a good chance they will respond with a nostalgic “Awww!” or “That game’s awesome!”. Even with a PC port of the game, a sequel, and a television series, it stands to wonder if this classic really stands up to the test of time. Continue reading