Sowing Seeds of Tomorrow – Nintendo Gameboy – Final Fantasy Adventure – 1991

Final Fantasy Adventure (U) [!]_01

Final Fantasy Adventure
Game Boy
Genre: Action Role-Playing

The history of the Final Fantasy series in North America is a convoluted one, especially in the early entries.  The mainline entries were numbered in difference to their actual positions in the series due to our only receiving half of them before Final Fantasy VII, and there are a variety of games that had the Final Fantasy brand stapled to them upon release here.  Due to a number of reissues and adaptations, however, most of these have been ironed out.

Most fans of the series know that Final Fantasy Adventure is not considered a part of the actual series.  For a bit of history, the game was released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu (translated as Legend of the Sacred Sword): Final Fantasy Gaiden, indicating that while the game was related to the Final Fantasy series, it was meant to be a side-story.  The game’s origins become even more confusing when you factor in that this entry was released as Mystic Quest in Europe.  As Mystic Quest in North America was actually Final Fantasy USA in Japan-

Let’s just say that the name Final Fantasy Adventure is a misleading name in the grand design of Square’s catalogue, and while it has also been fixed with the recent remake- the game was released as Adventures of Mana– for a long time, the Final Fantasy name carried a lot of weight in both reputation and quality at the time that this game came out.  Does that mean that this game leaves the same impression that the rest of the titles did, though?

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No Game Is an Island – Nintendo Gameboy/Gameboy Color – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX – 1998


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
Nintendo Gameboy/Gameboy Color
Genre: Action RPG

It has been a while since I visited the Legend of Zelda franchise, and when the holidays brought the Triforce Heroes cartridge to my 3DS, I started to wax nostalgic. Growing up, my mother and I played through A Link to the Past a few times, along with the original game, and while we were recalling memories of this over the holidays, we downloaded Link’s Awakening for her onto her 3DS so that she could play through it.

With that, of course, I needed to get the game myself to reminisce. The game has been an outlier of the Zelda series, though it has been popping up through references in recent games such as Hyrule Warriors and being available on the Virtual Console. More people have had the opportunity to experience this game.

In all honesty, this is a great thing for fans of the series.
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Adorably Monochrome – Gameboy – Penguin Wars – 1990

Game Boy
Ascii Entertainment
Genre: Action Game

The release of the Gameboy was a huge step forward in handheld gaming.  Looking back on the games that came out, quite a few of them have much higher praise due to our memories and nostalgia rather than their actual content or presentation.  Penguin Wars was one of those titles for me.  I remember playing this game and taking turns with my neighbors when I was younger, and we had a blast doing that for hours.

Having found the game recently, I really wanted to relive those times.  By now, I’ve learned about the dangers of exercising memories in the current day, but my recollection of this game was that it was a simple and fun game that my seven or eight year old mind probably found social satisfaction with.  I still wanted to see if Penguin Wars was something worth checking back on or if it was something better kept to the past.

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