Rated M for “Meh” – Sega CD – Night Trap – 1992


Night Trap
Sega CD
Digital Pictures
Genre: Adventure Horror

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s playing video games or has a basic overall knowledge of games at the time knows about the notoriety that surrounds Night Trap. While that could take on a whole article itself- and very likely will in the future- the game still has other features that make it stand out in electronic gaming history. To many, outside of a cult following the game has cultivated through various means, the game is regarded as one of the worst games in Sega’s history.

That’s a little much. I mean, I can’t be that bad. Right?

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When Film and Games Collide – PC – Phantasmagoria – 1995

(c) 1995
Sierra Online
Genre: Point and Click Adventure/Horror

Video game controversy is something I’ve been very intrigued by since the days of Lara Croft and her ever-expanding polygons back on the Playstation.  As many of my gaming cohorts know, I’m also a huge fan of horror games.  Unsurprisingly, these two things go hand in hand more often than most people think, or at least they used to.  While most people know of the Night Trap controversy that contributed to the ESRB ratings we know of today, another game came out on the PC around the same time that had some heckles raised: Phantasmagoria.  Really, though, how does a controversial game from the mid-90s hold up on the controversy scale nowadays? Continue reading