Mythology Maker – PC – Dominions 4 – 2011


Dominions 4
© 2011
Genre: Fantasy Strategy

There comes a game, every so often, that I will drop everything else to play.  My steam account shows a few games that are easily over 100 hours that I would play enough that I began seeing the gameplay before I’d go to sleep at night (most infamously FTL: Faster Than Light, which I will have to go into depth with sometime).  Today, I would like to speak about a game which no one I know is familiar with outside of seeing me sinking hours and hours into it: Dominions 4. Continue reading

An Erudite Adventure – Sony Playstation – Xenogears – 1998


(c) 1998
Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy RPG

The Playstation was a system known for its RPGs.  Many were good.  Some were bad.  A few were flat out flops, and still others were fantastic, really a cut above the rest.  They spanned all genres, though fantasy and sci-fi fantasy tended to rule the day.  When Xenogears was released, there was a new trend happening in Japan – there was this thirst, this desire for religious and intellectual themes, psychological references and some really heavy topics.  Two anime come to mind in particular that exemplified this, Ghost in the Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Xenogears is one of the few games I would honestly recommend someone brush up on their humanities before diving into it. Continue reading