One Awfully Fluffy Fish -Nintendo Entertainment System – The Little Mermaid – 1991

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1991
Genre: Action Adventure

Disney has had its hand in numerous video game ventures in the past and in more recent days, including the Kingdom Hearts series, the Ducktales games, and plenty of other titles. There are very few Disney movies that have not had some kind of video game treatment, and The Little Mermaid is no different. Plenty of these ventures have been successful and some of them, not so much. Where does Ariel’s adventure fall, and how does it stack up today?

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Never Had a Friend Like This! – Super Nintendo – Aladdin – 1993

Disney's Aladdin SNES Title Screen

Genre: Action Platformer

When I was younger, I certainly fell for the “game based on a movie so I’ve got to have it” ploy a few times.  Thankfully, since I was a big fan of Disney movies growing up, I managed to have more good games to play through than awful ones.  Anyone who played Disney games growing up knows that while there were some stinkers, they had some of the best movie-to-game translations in the business.  Case in point: Aladdin.  Now, Aladdin was released on various systems, and while the gameplay was not so different between platforms that it detracted from the concept, each system seemed to get its own version that was individual from the others.  Since I grew up on the Super Nintendo version, I decided to go back and play that one.  My apologies if you played through the Sega version and feel neglected as this review continues.

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