Corpse Party: Blood Drive Is Out Today!

‘Tis the Halloween season, and to no one’s surprise, my obsession with horror movies and games flourishes this month.  I’ll be working on getting more of the horror related game reviews from the older blog over to share throughout the next upcoming days, but some news occurred to me that I was ridiculously excited to come across.

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Terror in Your Hands – Playstation Portable – Corpse Party – 2011

Corpse Party
Playstation Portable
Team GrisGris/Marvelous USA
(c) 2011
Genre: Horror Adventure

Every so often, something current comes up in the gaming world that makes me want to spread the good cheer. This is doubly true when I feel that a game has fallen under the radar for one reason or another. This time, that game is Corpse Party, a quirky and fairly terrifying game that came out a few years ago for the PSP. Anyone who has played ‘Sweet Home‘ or ‘999: 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors’ will find themselves almost instantly head over heels with this game.

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