A Devilishly Good Time – SNES – Demon Crest – 1994

Demon's Crest (U) [!]000

Demon’s Crest
© 1994
Genre: Horror Platformer

Admittedly, I haven’t had the most exposure to the Super Nintendo.  It’s not that I find it a bad system by any means, but I have a lack of exposure outside of big name titles and two player games I’d enjoy with friends.  When digging around to find out more about Ghouls n’ Ghosts, I found a spin-off series that I realized I had played back on my Game Boy – Gargoyle’s Quest.  In particular, though I had played the original game, I was intrigued to try Demon’s Crest, the entry in the series on the SNES.

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A Hard-Edged Veteran – Mega Man III – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1990

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1990
Genre: Action Platformer

A while ago, I had taken a new approach to the idea of reviewing retro games. I had placed myself in the hands of those I confer with on Facebook. I had to ask one simple question to get a deluge of responses:

“What retro game should I play through next?”

Bearing in mind, I got some answers that I’m not sure I’ll ever get good enough to go through (the original Doom on Nightmare? We’ll see.), but I got some good ones, too. One came from a good friend of mine, and since it’s one of my favorite games on the NES for a while, I decided to take him up on it. So here it is: Mega Man 3.

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Where Does He Hide The Weapons? – Arcade – Black Tiger – 1987


Black Tiger
© 1987
Genre: Action Sidescroller

With the announcement that a barcade will be opening right up the street from me in a few months, I thought it was time to start brushing up on some of my favorite arcade games from that sweet spot in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  An arcade that I had played a few times online, but had never seen a cabinet in person until I went on a vacation a year and a half ago has quickly turned into one that ranks in my top five arcade games, easily. Continue reading

Creature Double Feature: Two Games to Set the Mood for Halloween

Ghouls 'N Ghosts (UE) (REV02) [!]_000

Somehow? I did not die after taking this screenshot.

Ahhh, October.  Easily my favorite time of year.  I grew up and live in a city that treats the entire month as an opportunity to prey upon tourists – every day of the month is Halloween, and an endless stream of people come into the city to enjoy that atmosphere.  It will come as a surprise to no one that knows me that, while I loathe crowds and touristy kitsch, I am a huge fan of horror movies and videogames.  For this creature double feature, we can start with one of my favorite series, before delving into a fantastic standalone game.

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A Future To Look Forward To – Sega Genesis – Strider – 1990

Strider (UE) [!]_002

Hang gliders: the high tech travel we have ready for us in 30 years.

Sega Mega Drive
(c) 1990
Genre: Action Platformer

Back in the 80s, you could generally know three things about ninjas: they would take down hordes of faceless enemies with little to no effort, they weren’t good at hiding, and they were usually the good guys.  Strider Hiryu is the protagonist in this story of a sort of dystopian future ninja in the year 2048, sent to assassinate the terrifying dictator known as Grandmaster using his mechanical animal companions, and his laser beam tonfa.  This game was definitely written with every cool thing in the 80’s in mind, but how well did this hack-and-slash play? Continue reading