Not Quite Dead Yet – Playstation 2 – Resident Evil: Outbreak – 2003


Resident Evil: Outbreak
Playstation 2
Genre: Survival/Action Horror

There are a few horror series in the video game world that have stood the test of time, even though most have had fluctuation reviews and success. Among the most well known is the Resident Evil series, which even now is revving up to head into its seventh installment in the main series. Like most series, Resident Evil has had its own spin-offs. Among those stands Resident Evil: Outbreak. Personally, I have fond memories of playing this game in college, though plenty of newer fans to the series did not have the opportunity to play the game in its heyday.

Outbreak had a clear distinction from its predecessors. In an effort to bring a new level to the survival horror landscape, Capcom opened online servers to bring their latest installment to online play. Allowing a number of players to play together was meant to expand the series in a new direction and bring fans of the series together in a way that games like Left 4 Dead and Dead by Daylight do in the current industry. With the official servers having been shut down years ago, though, how does the game hold up today? In a series as established as Resident Evil, where does this oft overlooked entry land?

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Where Did That Come From? – Exploring the Influences in Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Part 4



Here we are, game and pop culture fans.  This is the final entry in the “Where Did That Come From?” series for Zombies Ate My Neighbors.  It’s been a long ride, and hopefully it’s been an entertaining one.

There have been a lot of different origins to dig through and thankfully, mostly through the magic of Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database, I’ve made a sizable dent at reaching my goal of chronicling the many nods and pokes at multimedia sources and gotten them together in one series of articles.

Let’s embark, now, on the final stretch of research that I managed to eke out of the corners of entertainment history to detail Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

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Where Did That Come From? – Exploring the Influences in Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Part 3


Welcome back to the cavalcade of pop culture references in this series of editorials!  After a short break, I’m more than pleased to present the next (and almost final) set of influences from this amazing game.

This week’s series is a bit more varied and odd, considering the past two.  Everything from the usual horror and comedy fare to the dramatic and even food pops up in the pieces following this.  It really feels like there is no limit to the resources this game used to charm its audience.

So without further explanation- buckle in for the third set!

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Where Did That Come From? – Exploring the Influences in Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Part 2


Continuing on from the previous entry in this series right here, this article will go over the next set of stages in Zombies Ate My Neighbors to try to root out the sources that they reference through the tongue in cheek titles of the multitude of levels that the player runs through with Zeke and Julie, our hapless heroes.

So once again, buckle up and sit back for round two, as I scour the internet to figure out what corners of pop culture have been explored in one of my favorite games of all time.

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We Were Sailing Along – Playstation – Echo Night – 1999


Echo Night
From Software
© 1999
Genre: Survival Horror / First Person Adventure

Twice now, I’ve started reviews this week to try and focus on something other than my job, after playing some lighthearted games.  As the weekend drew near, I suddenly realized.. Halloween is tomorrow.  Being busy at work should be no excuse for forgetting one of my favorite holidays, but being busy enough that I forgot to play and review thematically appropriate games not once, but twice just feels preposterous.  I decided to set out to play something I haven’t heard many people talk about since it came out back in 1999, a game I was largely unfamiliar with outside of unflattering reviews of the time; a playstation survival horror game called Echo Night.

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