Like Cracking Open A Book – PC – Paper Sorcerer – 2013


Paper Sorcerer
PC / Linux / Mac
Ultra Runaway Games
© 2013
Genre: Dungeon-Crawler

A love of RPGs should not be a surprising thing to see on the 3pstart blog.  Sure, we generally play and post about JRPGs, the most populous niche of the genre that has given us fantastic titles and series.  Western RPGs, both old and modern, tended to be based more within the bounds of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs, drawing inspiration from the tabletop fantasy genre and ideas to bring us stories and gameplay that didn’t even require the trouble of finding a tables worth of friends to throw some dice with.  Paper Sorcerer is steeped in the traditions of the classic western computer gaming RPG Dungeon-Crawler, with the modern twist of casting you as the villain of the tale.

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A Shining Example – Game Boy Advance – Golden Sun – 2001

Golden Sun (UE) [!]t

Golden Sun
Game Boy Advance
Camelot Software Planning
© 2001
Genre: RPG

There are many forms of media I enjoy.  I am fairly picky in most regards, although I am willing to try many books, movies, tv shows and games from different genres.  Unfortunately, my predilection lends me to pile up things in epic proportions.  I’ve got a series of infamous ‘lists’ that I always throw things onto: piles of books I want to read, TV series to watch through, games to play (both retro and modern).  It should come as no surprise to anyone that this game, which I received from a friend back in high school and played through for a little while, got put down at some point.  I remembered enjoying it, but I had some other things to get through – other things on ‘the list’.  So I said I’d come back to it later.

The time has come.  I finally got back to playing Golden Sun.  I can finally scratch it off the list.

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In The Near Future, In A Galaxy Not So Far Away – Arcade – Atomic Robo-Kid – 1988



Atomic Robo-Kid
© 1988
Genre: Sci-fi Shoot’em Up

Ahhh, the 80’s.  A time when America was overly concerned with nuclear war.  A time when the world was in love with robots.  Back when we were under the impression that a space program would potentially in the near future possibly populate nearby stellar bodies.  All of these themes and assumptions came together in this spunky little shoot’em up called Atomic Robo-Kid.

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My Current Obsession – The BitBar


For years, I have enjoyed responsibly drinking alcohol. Certainly since the legal age of 21, and not before.  I’ve gone to plenty of bars, and been amused by the occasional pinball machine left over from a bygone era, a pool table, a dart board, or even the occasional arcade (unless it’s a sports arcade – sadly the most common of arcades I seem to find).  Sure, I’ve been to Dave & Busters – hyper modern arcade games that are little better then, or worse, just ports of phone games, along with a few fun team arcades, with some good generic drinks.  Never had I thought that a small establishment that served not only craft beers and tasty food would open down the street from me (especially since my home city has quite a few of those places) – but one that was an arcade as well was beyond my comprehension.

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Monster Rancher – An Overview – Part 3


This article is part of a series.  I recommend you start with Part 1, which introduces the Monster Rancher series, and discussed the first two games on the Playstation. For Part 2, I discussed the games in the series that were released on the Playstation 2. For this third part, I will be discussing the last of the games in the main series that were released for handheld gaming.

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