3PStart began as a corner of the Internet for the less-represented gamers; the gamers outside of the common demographic.

Once the original blog started picking up steam, it became a place for gamers who wanted to game for the sake of just enjoying games- learning about the history of games, seeing how game unfolded, and predominantly communicating about, at the time, games of yesteryear.

Now, after a hiatus, the blog is slowly piecing back together.  It will still focus on “retro” gaming- at least some of the time.  There is so much else to talk about with the climate of gaming changing every day, though, so this corner of the Internet comes down to one large group of people- people who enjoy the fun of gaming and learning about gaming, past, current, and future.

Hopefully, readers will learn a little bit while they’re here, but if not, I hope that you’ll at least have some fun reading some of the musings that I, and soon a few others, have to offer!

~ Matt