PAX East Intermission – Minor Update

First, I hope you all are having a fantastic week, whether you’re gaming, working, or some combination of events are happening in your life!

While I haven’t exactly gone silent on here recently, I wanted to give a bit of an update to my goings on so far as gaming are concerned. I’ve been excitedly awaiting the next three days as PAX East is in my neck of the woods. Now, I’ve only been to one convention in my life- and that was also PAX a few years ago. I went on the final day and while it was fun, a lot of things were closing down throughout the day and you could feel the fatigue in the air. There was still plenty of excitement to be had, but it was tough to see as much as I had wanted because there was so much to check out.

This year, thanks to my best friend from high school, I managed to nab passes for three days, meaning I get to spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on site, checking out booths and taking in some panels.

What am I looking forward to? There are a few panels relating to sexual orientation and video games which is directly in my wheelhouse. I’ve only heard a few tales of games that’ll be showing up at the show, so I’m honestly not sure what to look forward to- but I know I’ll be happy to report back on things I enjoyed and surprises from the show once I’m back at home!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

– Matt (a.k.a. The3rdPlayer)

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