Adventures in Collecting – Investing Points in My Luck Stat

20190301_170142.jpgI’m not someone you would necessarily consider ‘lucky’ in the conventional sense. Fortunate, sure. I don’t win giveaways or raffles, though, and even if there’s a 50/50 shot at me winning something, it rarely falls in my favor. It’s nothing worth complaining about, but it feels like that information is necessary to begin with.

See, whoever is playing me in the RPG of life must have taken my latest level up and thrown some points into Luck. I haven’t posted much in the way of collecting lately because I haven’t hit any real milestones and the posts would come down to describing how I checked out eBay and Amazon and ordered the best looking and most promising sounding sellers.

Well, have I got a couple of fun stories for you now!
As I’ve been pretty vocal about, I’m working on collecting the entirety of the mainline Atelier series. I want to collect the spinoffs, as well, so I’ve been tracking down some fun titles. The only spin-off title that has hit the US so far is Atelier Annie -Alchemist of Sera Island- for the Nintendo DS. It’s not a cheap investment to find compared to many of the others, and I managed to find a store near my good friend from high school that claimed it had the only copy within 100 miles. It was at a decent price, too, so during a visit, I asked if we could stop to pick it up.

20190301_170548.jpgThe sales clerks could not find this game for the life of them. They were apologetic, but I still walked away with my head hanging and my hands empty.

Cut to a month or so later. On a whim, I decided to stop by that store again while visiting my friend. I had looked up their inventory online and they supposedly had one of the other Atelier games I’d been looking for. Strangely, I was met with the same apologies as they couldn’t find the game (though there was a case for it on the floor). Deterred once again, I took a peek in their DS case, just in case. Staring back at me was Atelier Annie, front and center. It was incomplete, as I would expect, but it was there. With little to no hesitation, I swooped it up and gave it a new home in my collection. Now, I get to start the hunt for the rest of the components but I’ve got the important piece of the puzzle to start with!

That’s not all, though. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by my local retailer. I admit that I stop in sometimes to surround myself with games, browse some new and budget titles, and generally bring my spirits up as I’m on friendly terms with the staff there. As I was browsing, I saw a large and gorgeously illustrated box on display in the Switch section. Mind you, I wasn’t looking to buy anything, but it struck me as strange so I closed in for a closer look.

20190301_170209.jpgThe Limited Edition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 release sat on the shelf, arranged so it could actually fit but taking up quite a bit of space regardless. The shimmering cover glistened at me and when I lifted it to look at what it looked like up close, the heft of it was surprising. The price tag was the most shocking part. Sitting next to the standard version, it was easy to tell that the prices matched at about $50.

Being the suspicious sort, I brought the collector’s piece up to the counter and asked if the price was right. The clerk scanned it and explained that the price probably matched because they never expect people to bring back the extras with the game. She opened it to check it out with me. The steelbook case was in mint condition, the artbook and soundtrack still wrapped in reflective plastic. For the first time in a while, I was actually stunned at my fortune.

20190301_170222.jpgIt was still an investment but given that the whole set goes for nearly triple the cost on auction sites right now, I had to finally take the excuse to both get a game that I was already interested in and get it in a rare form and condition. It is now sitting proudly next to my television, waiting for me to dig into it after I beat my next round of backlogged games.

Like I said, I don’t usually consider myself lucky. Luck’s kind of a weird concept anyway, I guess. It’s hard not to feel like I had some stroke of it when I happened into these the way that I did, though. These finds are those most “collector” types of happenings I’ve had in the past few months and I am more than happy to have added both of these to my growing collection while I’ve had the chance. The moral of my story here to keep in mind as I progress in this hobby?

Keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid to hit the same places after a bit of time. You never know what you’ll find!

I have the feeling I’ll have some more fun collection posts soon so stay tuned!

– Matt (a.k.a. The3rdPlayer)

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Collecting – Investing Points in My Luck Stat

    • I absolutely hate that they don’t have physical manuals or anything aside from the cartridge and case art, but I’m a diehard physical collector so I bear the burden I have to on this one.

      Nintendo may be the real pioneer pushers toward digital gaming honestly so I can understand leaning toward digital Switch games.

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