The Devil’s in the Details – PC – Dead State: Reanimated – 2015

Title ScreenDead State: Reanimated
Doublebear Productions / Iron Tower Studios
Genre: Horror Strategy Role-Playing

Zombies are everywhere.

You honestly can’t turn a corner without running into something related to The Walking Dead or Resident Evil or World War Z or some other pop culture phenomena waving the undead flag proudly.  That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing necessarily.  There are two reasons why zombie media can thrive- intense action and unapologetic drama.  Games like Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty have cornered the market on the ‘action’ facets of digital zombie slaying.

Some games have attempted to play at the emotional aspects of a zombie apocalypse, though.  Subjects like dealing with lost loved ones, trying to trust people that you run into, and balancing resources amidst demands of survivors are just the tip of the mountain that these games tend to run on.  Dead State: Reanimated is not any different on its surface.  It approaches some of these topics in different ways, but after how many times this scenario has played out, how much more can really be expanded on?
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