Responding to My Sunshine Blogger Award

I’ll admit that I had thought that I had already been nominated for this- but apparently, there are two ‘Sunshine’ awards going around!  Either way, I’m super flattered that Rob over at I Played the Game! tossed one of these my way, as I haven’t followed his blog for a terribly long time but the more I read, the more I find myself both relating and coming back for more of his work.  I highly recommend checking out what he has to offer over that way.

As with most of these types of awards, the rules follow a pretty straightforward:

  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you for a blog post and link back to their blog.  (Done, and once again, I suggest you check out his work!)
  • Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Before I go on with this, I want to ‘philosophize’ just a bit over why I love peer recognition awards like the one I’m embarking on.  For one, it gives folks who have just recently started a regular routine of reading blogs a few new avenues to check out to look into folks that they can communicate with about their interests and passions.  On another angle, it lets you get to know people, even if it’s on a passing and sometimes comical level.

Okay, that could just be me, but maybe you have strange interests like ‘finding out about people’ like I do!

Anyway- on with the show!

Questions from I Played the Game!:

1. I like horror games.  What’s the best one?
I have to answer this as a two-part response.  I will forever stand by Clock Tower for the Playstation as my favorite, for nostalgic purposes.  The game that actually scared me a number of times though was Fatal Frame 2 so I would have to rank that one the actual “best” horror game.

2. My wife is currently watching Friends, but what do you think is the best 90s sitcom?
The nostalgia is strong with this one, and I’ve just recently been watching through some 90s sitcoms on Hulu and Netflix so- this absolutely could change but I grew up watching Home Improvement and now that we’re watching it again, it’s a different experience but it’s just quintessential 90s sitcom viewing for me.

3. I’m a bit fan of scotch.  Assuming you partake in alcohol, what’s your tipple of choice?
Well, now that I know what a tipple is (always love learning new vocabulary!), I don’t drink anymore but when I did, there wasn’t much that I drank on a regular basis.  Fun fact: I was a bartender for a couple of years so I liked to keep my abode stocked with random things I wanted to try.  Toward the end of my drinking, though, I did veer more toward white wine, if I had to answer.

4. Other than PC (for obvious reasons), what’s the best video games system of all time and why?
I may regret going on record with this answer, but probably the Playstation 2.  There were so many jumps in quality and content- at least in the US market- and the library is enormous.  While the Playstation made the clear generational leap, the second system felt like it perfected it.

5. Netflix or Amazon?  Convince me!
Netflix, hands down!  They may receive a good chunk of new movies a little later than Amazon, but they don’t hide half of their content behind rental fees (even with Prime!) and they dip into the indie film pool a lot more than Amazon does so you can stumble on interesting stuff you wouldn’t otherwise on Amazon.

6. I like my guinea pigs.  Do you have a pet?
Not anymore, though I haven’t had a pet that I lived with for longer than a month or two since I lived back at home due to apartment and monetary restrictions.  I grew up with two dogs, though- a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell Terrier- before I went off to college and a plethora of other pets growing up.

Nominations for the Award/Other Blogs You Should Check Out

As usual, I can’t stress enough that I love all of the blogs I get the chance to sit down and read, so this is just a sampling of folks you should check out (not including I Played the Game!, which you should definitely check out but I feel like these things are a bit more ‘tag-no-tag-back’ so re-nominating seems a little silly here):

LightningEllen – aside from being a big fan of Final Fantasy XIII’s leading character- so you’ll see a lot of FFXIII references, which I love- you’ll get some great reviews and opinions on gaming from a wonderful member of the blogging community.

Cheap Boss Attack – my go-to for current reviews and generally fun back-and-forths.  I can’t say much more in the way of fantastic things about this guy and his blog.  He has regular weekend updates on games he’s playing, too, so there’s always something new to check out!

Shoot The Rookie – Killer name aside, this has been another blog that is new to my rotation, and while I haven’t been vocal on their pages quite yet- I guess this is as good a time as any to send some praise balloons into the air for all the world to see!  Interesting Top 5’s and an all-around entertaining read.

hungrygoriya – One more blog that I’m new to.  In a subject quite close to my heart now that I’ve started doing some light collecting, this blog leans a bit more toward collecting and the finds hungrygoriya comes across while hunting for retro pieces.  Some really neat stuff and well worth looking into if, like me, you dig seeing old games and other pieces.

Extra Life Reviews – Red Metal has been one of the folks I’ve felt most welcomed by in the gaming blog community, and the long-form reviews over there are in-depth and interesting whether they are retro or current.  Also, the questions they’ve been asking have been fairly thought-provoking, including the most recent one here.

With all of this said (to keep this concise), I have a few more followers and folks that I follow now- and hello to you, by the way!- so this will probably be more varied as I get to check out some of the folks I’ve been starting to look at the blogs of.


I’m not going to ask a bunch of questions, but that’s mostly because I’m terrible at coming up with them.  That said, I’m going to rip off a few of my last questions since I didn’t nominate anyone the last time I got this, so here are five questions for you to think about:

1. What TV show, book or movie would you want to see turned into a video game?
2. Are you a fan of any particular voice artists/actors?
3. Which game do you feel gets little to no coverage, retrospective or otherwise, that you feel deserves more love?
4. What is a vocal song, licensed or otherwise, that you loved as a part of the game it was involved in?
5. One title from your favorite series absolutely has to be deleted from memory and history, but you get to choose which one.  Which would you choose?

Thanks again to Rob at I Played the Game for the nod!  Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

– Matt a.k.a. “The3rdPlayer”



16 thoughts on “Responding to My Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I thank you once again; I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my content that much! Your pieces have made for great reads too.

    I haven’t actually played that many horror games, though I did like Resident Evil 4 and (if it counts) OneShot.

    I’d go with The Simpsons when asked about my favorite nineties sitcom, though I have to admit it’s the only one of its kind I watched.

    I once heard the PS2 described as the SNES of 3D, though I have to admit I’ve played less than ten PS2 games. That said, at least two of my 10/10s did indeed originate on that system.

    Anyway, thanks for tagging me. I’m always looking for new topics to discuss, so this is a big help!

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    • Definitely glad to help and it really has been awesome getting to read your work!

      I actually just realized I have OneShot in my Steam library so I may have to break that out since this is the second or third time I’ve seen you mention it and it looks good!

      Admittedly, I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons when I was younger so I actually didn’t get into the show until a few seasons in. I remember really loving it, but mostly because of the arcade game… haha

      I honestly had never thought of the PS2 that way before, but that makes a lot of sense, especially if you add in comparisons (concept and content-wise, obviously) between the Nintendo and the original Playstation. The original systems did some great things, but there was a lot of playing with limitations and finding footing to make more of what was available. The SNES and PS2 were prolific almost just to the point of over-saturation, and while quality suffered occasionally, they feel like the sweet spots for each company. Honestly, this kind of works for the X-Box and the XB360, too. I guess it kind of depends on your outlook, though, too.

      Anytime you want to discuss, I’ll definitely try to contribute somehow! 🙂

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  2. Hope you enjoyed the questions! I remember Home Improvement as well, it was during the era when American sitcoms were all the rage over here. Don’t seem to see as many of them these days, but that might be because of things like Netflix guiding what I’m watching in a different way.

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    • I’ll be honest- those shows ride securely on nostalgia, though there are a couple that can be surprising. Plenty of them were just complete fluff but family relatable. Friends was great growing up, too, but I also watched stuff like Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek that were more serialized.

      I’ve moved on to Step by Step, which is just a fun disaster of a show to relive. XD. I’m guessing you probably didn’t get the resurgence of US sitcoms on those platforms like we did recently, though.

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  3. I love German Shepherds! I had two when I was growing up. 🙂

    Thanks for the nomination!! I’m very slow at responding, but I promise I will do a post soon. ⚡

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    • I think just about every part of the family on my mom’s side has had a German Shepherd at one time or another, so I always had at least one around until I went off to school. They’ve all been such sweet dogs!

      No worries on the speed of response, though! I wasn’t exactly expedient writing this response, to be fair. I’m just glad to acknowledge some awesome fellow bloggers!

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  4. Thanks for the nomination! We have quite a bit in common, it seems, as I would put Fatal Frame 2 on the same level as Silent Hill 2 as the simultaneous best horror games of all time. Both are horror perfection. I also have a soft spot for the Clock Tower games, though I’ve yet to check out the spiritual successor on Steam (NightCry). It was supposed to come out on Vita, but that idea is long since dead. The game reviewed (and sold) poorly.

    I’d probably go Seinfeld for my favorite 90’s sitcom. I’ve seen every episode countless times and annoy friends and family with constant “this is just like that episode of Seinfeld where…” factoids. Sorry, not sorry.

    Question time!

    1. What TV show, book or movie would you want to see turned into a video game?
    I want a Trollhunters game, but I think it’d only work as a bad mobile clicker or a Telltale adventure series. Loved the Netflix show and think it’d work out great as a game.

    2. Are you a fan of any particular voice artists/actors?
    I like Carrie Keranen, who voiced Vert in the Neptunia series and Caroline/Justine in Persona 5. Alecia Hillis as Liara T’soni and Lightning stands out too.

    3. Which game do you feel gets little to no coverage, retrospective or otherwise, that you feel deserves more love?
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The earlier Star Ocean games and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth too. A lot of folks didn’t enjoy it, but I think Dante’s Inferno is criminally overlooked.

    4. What is a vocal song, licensed or otherwise, that you loved as a part of the game it was involved in?
    Literally anything from NieR Automata.

    5. One title from your favorite series absolutely has to be deleted from memory and history, but you get to choose which one. Which would you choose?
    The original Persona. It wasn’t good when it released on PS1, continued to be not good (although improved) on PSP, and I’m content never thinking about it again since the rest of the series is pretty damn stellar.

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    • Silent Hill 2 is definitely in my top ranking horror games, too, and despite probably being an unpopular choice, Rule of Rose is another one I’ve loved for psychological horror. Silent Hill 2 is amazing, though, and I enjoyed playing the HD remake when I got to it. Also, so far as NightCry- it was fun in a ‘oh man, this definitely has Clock Tower influences’ way but definitely not in a ‘hey, this is a great horror game’ way. You’re right to hesitate.

      I remember enjoying Seinfeld but in more of a retrospective way. No judgment on references back to that, haha.

      Love the answers, though- even though taking anything out of the Persona stable hurts me deeply (though in my thoughts on my own choices, I’d have to choose the same with Eternal Punishment as a second choice but only because I have yet to play through that one).

      I’ll have to look into some of those other answers a little deeper, though I love the games you said don’t get recognition. I feel like the original Star Ocean games were really where the series was the strongest, especially The Second Story/Second Evolution. I need to get through Persona Q still, and Shattered Memories was a fantastic reboot. I’m kind of excited to hear about Dante’s Inferno, though, since I was looking into getting that recently since I missed it when it came out originally.

      Thanks for sharing your answers! I love getting to hear these answers from people I read material from consistently. 🙂


      • Rule of Rose had a great look, especially the UI. The ps2 as a whole had a strong horror library, I think.

        I was so stoked when they released the first 2 SO games on PSP (and finally P2 Innocent Sin). I wish the PSP version of Lunar turned out better, though. Fucking woof.

        Dante is definitely worth checking out. It has some fantastic, imaginative level designs and it’s genuinely fun to play. You can just tell time constraints hit the development team as the high notes deteriorate about 2/3rds of the way in.

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      • Every remake of Lunar has lacked the heart (and other elements) that the original and Silver Star Story Complete had. That was the same issue I has with Wild Arms and Alter Code F. The SO remakes and P2:IS were exactly how remakes should be.

        I think I remember hearing about Dante’s production and exactly what you said on it. I’ll have to hunt it down, though. Your judgment’s been pretty solid so far with games. 👍

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  5. Congratulations on being nominated for this award! As you say, we’re still new to one another, but from what I’ve been able to catch up on from you, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Thank you for nominating me for this 🙂 I’m honoured that you like my collecting posts! I will be putting together a post shortly. 🙂

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