Where Did That Come From? – Exploring the Influences in Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Part 1



Favorite games come and go, but Zombies Ate My Neighbors has stuck around for years with me at this point.  I grew up primarily on two things: pop culture and horror movies.  I separate the two, even though they’re pretty easily related, due to watching a good 250 or so horror movies in a summer vacation, cementing my love of the genre and the medium pretty early on.

While playing through the game, the references are easy to see to most horror fans.  Vampires, hockey mask wearing killers, evil dolls- everything that makes an appearance has some kind of root in popular media.  Some are fairly obvious, and some are a little less so.  Given my affection for this game, I went online to see if someone had put together a list of these references, or if they even had some kind of speculation site that entertained what the inspirations could be for the multiple levels and their titles throughout the game.


I was pretty shocked to find that there isn’t one.  If there is, it isn’t readily available, but I can’t imagine that this has never been written down or had some kind of analysis online.  If it has, don’t tell me- because I decided that I’m going to attempt to hunt down the most likely inspirations for these titles and references in honor of October and the Halloween spirit.

So sit back, buckle up, and prepare for a whole lot of information on a whole lot of Zombies Ate My Neighbors and other movies, music, and pop culture references abound.

Clearly, there are also some rules to be followed:

– All of the sources must be from 1993 or earlier, as the game came out in 1993
– When possible, a horror or comedic source should be used as a basis for the entry.  This one will probably be deviated from at least a handful of times, as some of the more obvious titles do.

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