Battle of the Warbands – Nintendo 64 – Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordy Caliber – 2000


Ogre Battle 64 – Person of Lordly Caliber
© 2000
Genre: Real Time Strategy / Tactical RPG

I have a shameful secret that I’ll share with you now.  I am absolutely terrible at Tactical RPG’s.  Time and again, I’ve begun a game, teetered on the edge of holding my own before finally falling down in the mud.  One of the games that I’ve tried this with was Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.  After my last attempt a few years ago where I just kept having the floor wiped with me, I threw in the towel.  Recently, a friend of mine has helped me ease into playing Final Fantasy Tactics, and I’ve gotten a rekindled interest in the genre under his heavy-handed job class coaching.  So I decided to revisit the Ogre series fresh, with a title I hadn’t explored before.  When I popped the game on, I hadn’t quite realized what I was going to be getting into with Ogre Battle 64.

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