Walking Well-Trodden Ground -Super Nintendo – Soul Blazer – 1992

Soul Blazer000

Super Nintendo
Genre: Action RPG

In 1992, before the years of SquareEnix, we all pretty much know what Squaresoft was doing with its time. Between Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, and all of the other titles they managed to squeeze out, they pretty much dominated the RPG gaming sphere. Enix, however, did not slouch in those times, either, but you may be hard pressed to remember some of their properties from the time, as games like Actraiser and Paladin’s Quest were readily accessible on gaming shelves, but neither of them really reached the heights or longevity of Dragon Quest/Warrior.

When they teamed up to develop a series of games for Super Nintendo with developer Quintet, however, they managed to strike some now-nostalgic gold with the two that made it stateside, Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. Growing up, I had played Illusion of Gaia and really enjoyed it, but Soul Blazer didn’t cross my radar until years later, what with me not realizing it was the predecessor to Gaia. According to sources, it also appears to be related to Actraiser, which isn’t too hard to connect the dots with.

So why did it fall into the obscurity that the other games around it seem to at least have a step up on?

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