Like Cracking Open A Book – PC – Paper Sorcerer – 2013


Paper Sorcerer
PC / Linux / Mac
Ultra Runaway Games
© 2013
Genre: Dungeon-Crawler

A love of RPGs should not be a surprising thing to see on the 3pstart blog.  Sure, we generally play and post about JRPGs, the most populous niche of the genre that has given us fantastic titles and series.  Western RPGs, both old and modern, tended to be based more within the bounds of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs, drawing inspiration from the tabletop fantasy genre and ideas to bring us stories and gameplay that didn’t even require the trouble of finding a tables worth of friends to throw some dice with.  Paper Sorcerer is steeped in the traditions of the classic western computer gaming RPG Dungeon-Crawler, with the modern twist of casting you as the villain of the tale.

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