A Shining Example – Game Boy Advance – Golden Sun – 2001

Golden Sun (UE) [!]t

Golden Sun
Game Boy Advance
Camelot Software Planning
© 2001
Genre: RPG

There are many forms of media I enjoy.  I am fairly picky in most regards, although I am willing to try many books, movies, tv shows and games from different genres.  Unfortunately, my predilection lends me to pile up things in epic proportions.  I’ve got a series of infamous ‘lists’ that I always throw things onto: piles of books I want to read, TV series to watch through, games to play (both retro and modern).  It should come as no surprise to anyone that this game, which I received from a friend back in high school and played through for a little while, got put down at some point.  I remembered enjoying it, but I had some other things to get through – other things on ‘the list’.  So I said I’d come back to it later.

The time has come.  I finally got back to playing Golden Sun.  I can finally scratch it off the list.

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