My Current Obsession – The BitBar


For years, I have enjoyed responsibly drinking alcohol. Certainly since the legal age of 21, and not before.  I’ve gone to plenty of bars, and been amused by the occasional pinball machine left over from a bygone era, a pool table, a dart board, or even the occasional arcade (unless it’s a sports arcade – sadly the most common of arcades I seem to find).  Sure, I’ve been to Dave & Busters – hyper modern arcade games that are little better then, or worse, just ports of phone games, along with a few fun team arcades, with some good generic drinks.  Never had I thought that a small establishment that served not only craft beers and tasty food would open down the street from me (especially since my home city has quite a few of those places) – but one that was an arcade as well was beyond my comprehension.

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