Quick Draw Champions – Sony Playstation – Wild Arms -1996



Wild Arms
Sony Playstation
Genre: Western Fantasy Role-Playing

The genre of the ‘western’ has appeared in many mediums. Cinema used to be rife with John Wayne movies and tumbleweeds aplenty. Themes of cowboys and gunfights have permeated plenty of popular literary pieces and even some action packed video games. Role-playing games, however, tend to have fleeting sequences of Wild West tones in them. When I was younger and found Wild Arms, a Wild West game with elements of magic and lost technology, I was obsessed almost immediately, even having not been a fan of Westerns in most other formats. The series, now five strong in its main stable, has been around for some time now, despite the fact that most people don’t know much about it. Is it a series that is even worth looking into, though?

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