Harvest Crossing – PC – Stardew Valley – 2016


Stardew Valley
© 2016
Genre: Farming Simulator RPG

A few years back, a friend of mine tried to get me to play Animal Crossing on the Gamecube.  I will shamelessly and publicly admit that my first reaction was blatant confusion.  I couldn’t understand the point of the game, and the lack of adventuring legend of zelda-esque sword chopping features just didn’t do it for me.  Fast forward another couple of years: a friend of mind fires up Harvest Moon on an emulator on his Wii.  I thought it was interesting, especially considering my budding interest in gardening, and watched it played through for a week.  I never played the game myself though; I never got around to it.  Let’s bring this all up to the modern day, though: February 27th, 2016.  I noticed on my steam friends list that every single person online at the time was playing a game called Stardew Valley.  My wife and I went to visit @The3rdPlayer and his partner to discover… they’d also started playing Stardew Valley. Continue reading