A More Phenomenal Sign of the Times – PC – Chroma Squad – 2015


Behold Games
© 2015
Genre: Strategy RPG

Sentai. Kaiju. Words that I became familiar with only a few years ago, even though I had been exposed to the concepts since grade school. Shows like “Mighty Morhpin’ Power Rangers”, “VR Troopers” and even “Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad” were staples in my before and after school line-up. Everyday people who had to balance living their regular lives and saving the world with martial arts in spandex suits, all the while having to hide the fact from the general populace to keep them out of danger or cause undue attention to themselves. It was the stuff of every nerd kid’s fantasies growing up.

Recently, a group started a Kickstarter campaign to bring a game to life to bring those fantasies to beautiful 16-bit reality in Chroma Squad– a strategy role-playing game that promised to let you form your own super team a la “Power Rangers” to save the galaxy from every ‘monster of the week’ you could imagine. The game came to fruition, much to my and my friends’ excitement. Was it worth the hype and anticipation?

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