A Sonorous Symphony with a Stray Note or Two – Sony Playstation – Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure – 2000

Sony Playstation
Genre: Strategy RPG

Musicals are everywhere now. If you’re didn’t watch ‘Glee’, there’s a musical episode of practically every show out there, and every movie ever made is somehow being fashioned into a musical. Hell, I’m still waiting to see ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’. Video games, however, don’t tend to descend into the musical genre very often. The occasional dance number (Final Fantasy VIII’s ‘Waltz for the Moon’ comes to mind) springs up every once in a great while, and some games revolve around the power of music, but having a full on musical format? That’s not something I can remember.
Leave it to a conglomeration of Atlus and Nippon Ichi to bring us Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, the first RPG to not only feature kingdoms in distress, rivalries and alliances- but also a catchy number every now and then. Now, I’ve already descended into the madness that is my Atlus fandom, but Nippon Ichi Software, or ‘NIS’ as it’s more commonly referred, has brought another batch of great niche games to the surface. Ever heard of Disgaea, Atelier Iris, or Phantom Brave? Yeah, those guys. While they weren’t both necessarily known for their ‘not-so-mainstream’ efforts at this time, what results from the combined forces of these two companies?

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