Like a Fine Wine – Sega Genesis – Phantasy Star IV – 1995

Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millenium
© 1995
Genre: Sci-Fi Role Playing

For a long while, especially due to the success of games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest, role playing games for consoles rarely strayed from the path of fantasy and borderline steampunk settings.  Every so often, a reference would sneak in about an ‘ancient race’ that had technology beyond that of the world’s setting, but for the most part, it was a case of not breaking what didn’t need to be fixed.

Sega, however, created a small monster in the Phantasy Star series, integrating a sci-fi setting with fantasy elements into a role playing experience.  The highly regarded Phantasy Star IV had its work cut out for it, especially given its competition of the time.  Not only was it a deviation from the norm, but it had plenty of ground to cover from the super giant of role playing games at the time, the Super Nintendo.  Still, it managed to carve out a large fan base and remains a nostalgic part of many gamers’ experience with the Sega Genesis.  Is it all nostalgia holding up this game, though, or does it really stand its ground against today’s standards?

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A Mighty Quest, However Aimless – Nintendo – Whomp ‘Em – 1991

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1991
Adventure Platformer

Being completely honest, the next game I’m going over, I had never even heard of until my husband mentioned it. Not just once- but over and over. Part of me was interested because he said I would really like it, and part of me was interested because it brought up exactly the reason I started this blog in the first place. It’s allowing me to share my gaming experiences with old consoles and games people may not see otherwise. Anyone here heard of a game called Whomp ‘Em? Well, now you will.

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Some Secrets Need to Be Shared – Super Nintendo – Secret of Mana – 1993

Super Nintendo
(c) 1993
Genre: Action Role-Playing

If you ask anyone about their retro role-playing opinion, nine times out of ten, you will hear them rave and rant about some RPG published on the Super Nintendo. The sheer volume of iconic role-playing games that appeared on the Super Nintendo is heralded by plenty of gamers. One of the most incredible of those games is Secret of Mana, a game by a little company called Squaresoft (ever heard of them?) in their immense heyday. It certainly was not lost in the hustle and bustle of Final Fantasy III and other such games of the time, as it has still carved out a place in RPG history. Recently, it was even re-released on the Wii’s Virtual Console. How’s that for longevity?

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