Top 5 – Final Fantasy Series

Author’s Preface: While this is an old article from the original blog space, most of this rings true still.  I was reminded of this piece as myself and my co-conspirator/writer are introducing his wife to Final Fantasy games as well as playing some on our own (he’s playing through XIII at the moment and she just played through VI for the first time, while my husband just started replaying XII).  There may be a fact or two below that has become outdated, but I attempted to clean this up and renovate to fit the current status of the series.  Enjoy!

The Final Fantasy series is a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.  With fourteen entries in the main series and various off shoots and sequels, there are a lot of games to be considered when trying to choose a list of favorites.  Spanning over just about every system since the Famicom and over 25 years, the game has affected a majority of gamers and games, whether directly or otherwise.  While everyone has their own opinions as to the best of the prolific series, the following five- six with the Honorable Mention- are the ones that have affected me most and made their way into my apex of the series.

While I feel this doesn’t necessarily need to be said, there are some spoilers below.  They are for games that are nearly ten or more years old, but it’s better safe than sorry to mention this.

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