A Future To Look Forward To – Sega Genesis – Strider – 1990

Strider (UE) [!]_002

Hang gliders: the high tech travel we have ready for us in 30 years.

Sega Mega Drive
(c) 1990
Genre: Action Platformer

Back in the 80s, you could generally know three things about ninjas: they would take down hordes of faceless enemies with little to no effort, they weren’t good at hiding, and they were usually the good guys.  Strider Hiryu is the protagonist in this story of a sort of dystopian future ninja in the year 2048, sent to assassinate the terrifying dictator known as Grandmaster using his mechanical animal companions, and his laser beam tonfa.  This game was definitely written with every cool thing in the 80’s in mind, but how well did this hack-and-slash play? Continue reading