Corpse Party: Blood Drive Is Out Today!

‘Tis the Halloween season, and to no one’s surprise, my obsession with horror movies and games flourishes this month.  I’ll be working on getting more of the horror related game reviews from the older blog over to share throughout the next upcoming days, but some news occurred to me that I was ridiculously excited to come across.

The teams behind getting the original Corpse Party game into the US have been quietly getting the remainder of the entries from the series to our side of the ocean.  Back in 2011, we got Corpse Party: Blood Covered…Repeated Fear for the PSP, which was just titled Corpse Party for the US.  This went fairly unnoticed in the mainstream, but people who were waiting for it knew that it was coming.  Shortly after, in early 2013, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows was released, again with very little fanfare.

Book of Shadows did a service by having each chapter explain some side stories of Heavenly Host Elementary School and the students from various schools who have ended up trapped in there due to the Sachiko curse.  Where the original had a top down 16-bit overview, this entry was more of a first person adventure game, along the lines of Shadowgate or Uninvited.  It acts as the ‘second’ installation of the series, though many of the stories seems to before or at the same time as the first game.

Now, with very little indication even to some of the more aware fans of the series, we are receiving the final installment of the Heavenly Host Elementary saga with Corpse Party: Blood Drive.  It is retailing out at just below a full PS Vita price, which is the only system it is appearing on over here for the time being.

My impression of the game, based on gameplay trailers I’ve seen so far, is that it looks like it’s retaining a lot of the feel of the original two, though there look to be some distinct changes or direction shifts.  The gameplay viewpoint appears to have changed again, this time to a chibi 3D art style, and it looks a little more over the top than the past games regarding the environments.  That goes for what look to be the new ‘characters’ involved, wherein their outfits are a bit more of the typical “why would you wear that?” ilk than the usual school uniforms and modern day styles that made the original games feel so much more realistic.

Honestly, I was worried about how the game would feel until I watched the opening above.  It seems like the company has kept with the tone of the originals, though the fan service may be a bit more prominent based on that video, as well.  I’m still looking forward to trying the game, and have not been disappointed with either of the entries before this.

So here’s your chance!  If you check out the Playstation Network, the first two entries are on sale right now for $10, and the new game turns in at $40.  At the very least, you can catch up on the series for a steal just in time for Halloween!

If I get the chance soon, I’ll certainly post more on the series, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for other horror related reviews, both old and new, throughout the month!

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